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Spatulas in a maxi box

Category: Personal Care

Product description

Laryngological spatulas with company logo

Want to offer your customers a gadget that is both visually appealing and frequently used? Laryngological spatulas in a box will be an excellent choice. The CPC-902 product is a large pack containing up to 100 disposable spatulas. Each is individually packed.

Large advertising space and very good brand exposure

A set of 100 disposable spatulas in a large box is a useful gadget that will be on hand and in sight in every doctor’s office. Thanks to our policy, we will help you create a design that is completely original and perfectly adapted to the needs of your business. Printing your company slogans and graphics on all sides of the box and each spatula will give you multi-faceted, varied and highly effective brand exposure, while the usefulness of the product itself will make everyone happy to set it on their desk.



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