Cube tissue box with back

Category: Hygenic tissues

Product description

Advertising tissues in a cube-shaped box with stand

This is an extremely useful and popular advertising gadget, which will come in handy every day in every home, office and other workplace. Made of coated cardboard, the cube-shaped box with a back is available in three variants and can contain standard or scented tissues. An important distinguishing feature of this gadget is the large back – additional space for advertising.

 Even better exposure for your business

If you do not like to disappear in the crowd, choosing the CPC-711 gadget will be a natural decision for you. Not only does it offer you diverse, three-dimensional brand exposure and the ability to print on the entire surface of the box, but it also provides an always-visible and eye-catching solution in the form of a stable stand on which you can place any graphics you like. It’s a simple way to create a fully personalised, one-of-a-kind promotional gadget.


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