Bus tissue box

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Product description

Bus with tissues

This ingenious and extremely useful advertising gadget consists of 50 classic or scented tissues hidden in a cardboard box in the shape of a bus and measuring 210 x 80 x 95 mm. Coated cardboard provides an aesthetic look and good colour reflection of the graphics on the box, and the characteristic shape of the bus will be perfect as a promotion of all courier companies, connected with light transport, or marketing actions with a delivery theme.


Interesting form and full personalisation

Did you know that at Capira – thanks to the possibility of printing on the entire surface of the gadget – we give you the opportunity to prepare completely original and unique advertising gadgets? This is also the case with the CPC-718 product – you can use all available surfaces to convey your advertising messages, thus creating an aesthetically pleasing, interesting and useful item that will additionally be extremely effective in marketing.


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