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Tissues and gloves in a rectangular-shaped box with a back

Category: Personal Care

Product description

Company tissue and glove stand with your graphic on the whole surface

This gadget is extremely useful in doctor’s surgeries and beauty or hairdressing salons – you can be sure that it will always be in sight. The large cardboard box with back measures 220 x 130 x 80 mm and contains 100 tissues and 50 gloves, which can be made from latex, vinyl or nitrile.

Wide space for your advertising

The CPC-1006 tissue and glove box gives you more than the standard possibilities for displaying your marketing message. Not only do you have all the sides of the box at your disposal, but also a highly visible mini stand in the form of a back. This allows you to print the entire surface of the gadget with your slogans and graphics, thus creating an eye-catching item that will also be unique and characteristic only for your company.

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