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In short, we do not compromise on this. We work only with the best raw materials, which are a guarantee of quality. And this is what we want to deliver and what we base the production of our creative products on.


Where do all the objects that once seemed cool end up, but today you don’t really know what to do with them? That is certainly not where we are going. For this reason, functionality is the value that we consistently adhere to when designing objects with a considered and desirable use.


An effective advertising communicator is one that, in addition to being solidly constructed and well thought-out, is certainly pleasing to the eye. By keeping up to date with current design trends, our products stand out with a unique and ageless design.  // Keeping up to date with current design trends allows our products to stand out with a unique and ageless design. 


Thinking about development we do not want to add to the global offer something that is and has already been everywhere, which by its nature is another copy, which does not move anyone, does not please, does not arouse interest. Our goal is to continually break the mould of thinking about advertising articles. We use unconventional ideas and high quality of their production to create surprising, patented and unique products. Because it is easier to remember what is interesting and intriguing.


We are pleased that the products created by our team are gaining recognition. The greatest satisfaction is being able to represent brands on our creative products. And here are some of our awards: 

  • Promotional Gift Award triangle set
  • Super Gift heart stand
  • Super Gift pad4pen
  • Gifts of the Year notebook in custom shaped cover
  • Gifts of the Year INDIbox custom shaped tissue box
  • Gifts of the Year promotional gels & soaps
  • Gifts of the Year promotional tissues



Creative product

Innowacyjne organizery, przyborniki i notatniki reklamowe



Paper Goods

Materiały reklamowe z papieru z indywidualnym zadrukiem



Personal care

Chusteczki i kosmetyki reklamowe



The Alloy

Kojąceżele i dyfuzory reklamowe



UMA Długopisy reklamowe

Długopisy reklamowe UMA PEN

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