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Tissues with gloves

Category: Medical sets

Product description

Wipes and gloves in a fold-out corporate cube

An exceptionally clever gadget that will come in handy in the office, doctor’s surgery or beauty salon, providing easy access to essential accessories. The double fold-out box measures 100 x 100 x 100 mm and contains 25 tissue and 20 nitrile, latex or vinyl protective gloves. Just the thing for doctors’ surgeries and clinics.


Interesting and unusual display of your brand

The tissue and glove box catches the eye with its minimalist, classic shape. Before unfolding it gives the impression of tidiness on the desk, after unfolding you can easily take out tissues or gloves. The large advertising potential ensures that up to eight different surfaces can be printed in full and create a unique, unrepeatable and visually appealing item.

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