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INDIbox individually shaped tissues

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Product description

Personalised tissue stand in any shape

See your brand a level higher and invest in an advertising gadget created especially for you! Our Indibox is a box for, among other things, tissues, gloves, cotton wools or candies. Made of stiffened cardboard, it can be closed in three different ways – with a tear-off lid along the perforation line, a flap or a lid. Some shapes have the possibility of mounting a refill mechanism on the base – thanks to this gadget will serve a really long time. Another possibility is to produce the box in a vertical form with a better exposition of your brand.


A promotional gadget just the way you want it

The Indibox CPC-001 is one of our most personalisable products. The box can take any shape, colour, graphics, but also has different fillings. This allows your logo or company symbol to become a three-dimensional, very useful gadget! You can design the shape yourself, but we also have a range of the most popular motifs ready to use. If you wish, we will cover the Indibox with a lenticular foil for a 3D graphic effect.

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