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Tissues n a rectangular box  with a back of any shape

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Product description

Advertising tissues in a box with a stand in any shape

Always at hand, always needed, always in sight – an advertising gadget in the form of a box of tissues will never go unnoticed. Wipes are one of the most popular and useful gadgets, and in a personalised form they become a very attractive marketing tool. Thanks to the possibility of individual cutting out, your project will stand out from others and will certainly be unique. Our product CPC-706 is a cardboard box with a back, which is available in two sizes and can be filled with standard or scented tissues.


100% personalisation of your gadgets

A gadget that nobody else has? Yes, with this product it is possible. When you order CPC-706 boxed tissues, you get a completely original and unmistakable gift for your customers or for your own company. Its greatest asset is the vertical back, which can take any shape you choose, which on the one hand will be an interesting graphic element, on the other hand will very well present the characteristic visual elements of your business. The tissues are available in classic and scented versions.

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