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Desk calendar with notebooks and indexes

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Product description

Promoting desk calendar in hardcover

Aesthetically pleasing, well-presented and sturdy desk calendar with functional 12-page calendar, set of two self-adhesive notebooks (100 x 75 mm and 50 x 75 mm) and colourful indexes. An extremely useful companion for the office. With the CPO-711 variant you also get built-in space for a ballpoint pen.

Multifaceted exposure of your brand all year round

This gadget has exceptional advertising potential thanks to two important features. The tear-off calendar permanently exposes the back of the stand, which becomes additional space for your marketing message. The calendar design on the other hand gives you the opportunity to use the right side of the calendar for your own graphics – with your logo and slogans you can reach your customers all year round. As our products are fully personalised, we can also print the pages of the sticky notes.



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