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Desk set with cards and tissues

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Product description

Promoting box with cards and tissues

The most important features of advertising gadgets are usefulness, good workmanship and great possibilities of marketing impact. The CPO-510 desk set is just such a product. The aesthetically produced box with an additional lid holds note cards (150), tissues (60) and a place for a pen, which are so useful in everyday office life. The box itself measures 220 x 110 x 35 mm and the convenient cut-out certainly makes it easier to reach for the notes.

From a marketing point of view, the most important advantages of this kit are the large and varied advertising area and the possibility of reuse. Thanks to this, your brand messages will be clearly visible from many sides and will stay on the customer’s desk for a long time, even after your cards and tissues have been used up. Remember that we can print the entire surface of the gadget, including the sides of the box and the cards inside, but the most attractive place for your advertisement remains the large surface of the lid – the outside and the inside, which during use is set up like a mini stand seen from the front and back.



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