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Desk set with paper clips and accessories

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Product description

Promoting box with paper clips and markers

Organizers in the form of boxes, hiding a mass of office accessories, are a proven solution that provides an impression of order and, in addition, makes sure that the necessary things are always at hand and in one place. When you order the CPO-613 set, you get an aesthetically produced gadget containing 150 sheets of 75 x 75 mm paper, two types of Z-indexes (70 in total) and 50 paper clips, the colour of which can be matched to the graphics on the box.

100% personalisation

The CPO-613 set provides you with multifaceted exposure for your brand on a variety of surfaces, making your graphics visible from many angles. Unique on the promotional gadgets market, the possibility to print the entire product, including the paper accessories inside, results in a project with a unique, eye-catching appearance and a high marketing impact.

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