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House desk set with indexes and sticky notes  

Category: Bestsellers

Product description

Advertising office set in the shape of a cottage

An extremely handy, eye-catching advertising gadget in the form of a hut with an opening roof, which conceals 550 pages in 95 x 105 mm format. The ergonomically placed indexes and self-adhesive notepad on the roof ensure that the most important things are always at hand, while the convenient cut-out allows for trouble-free removal of pages. Take advantage of the unusual form of this toolbox to create an item which suits the character of your company and is one of a kind.

Full personalisation on 6 surfaces!

The spacious form of this card box gives you the opportunity to present your company logo and other marketing information on many different surfaces. You can place your graphics on all sides of the house, but also on the roof and the cards inside. This way you provide your customer with an attractive and useful gadget, which is also a carrier of your advertisement in 3D format. The good quality of the cardboard used to make the house ensures a long life, so it will remain on your customer’s desk even when your cards have run out.

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