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Sticking plasters in an envelope

Category: Personal Care

Tags: medical plasters

Product description

Advertising envelope with plasters

Aesthetic, minimalist and always useful advertising gadget in the form of a cardboard envelope with bandage plasters – it will find a place in every office drawer or handbag. The envelope measures 90 x 90 mm and holds 10 60 x 20 mm plasters. The large, convenient flap makes it easy to remove the plasters from the packaging. You can order plain plasters or plasters with your company logo on them.


One hundred percent personalised product

Can you put only your logo on the CPC-101 patch envelope? Definitely not! We will cover the entire available surface of the product with your graphics, i.e. both sides of the envelope, but also, if you choose this solution, the slices. The result will be a gadget that is fully individual, well reflecting the spirit of your brand and ensuring its proper exposure.


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