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Tissues with gloves

Category: Personal Care

Product description

Advertising set with tissues and gloves in an opening box with company’s imprint

A clever and surprising promotional gadget in the form of an original, fold-out box containing 25 tissues and 20 nitrile, vinyl or latex protective gloves. The closed box has the shape of a cube measuring 110 x 110 x 110 mm, and when opened, it turns into an eye-catching pyramid with your company print all over it.


A varied surface awaits your advertising!

This gadget offers you the opportunity to display your company’s advertising message in an extremely interesting way. In the closed form of the cube there are five visible surfaces on which you can not only place your logo, but also print the entire sides of the cube – at Capira we offer 100% personalization! When you open the cube, you gain access to the necessary accessories, but also additional space for your advertising!

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