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Refreshing tissues with gloves

Category: Medical sets

Product description

Company’s set of wet wipes and gloves in a box with your logo

Unusual advertising gadget in the form of a handy set consisting of 15 wet wipes and 16 disposable protective gloves. These accessories, which are indispensable in every doctor’s surgery, every cosmetician’s surgery and also in the car, are contained in a double folding box with a total size of 75 x 50 x 145 mm and your personalised graphic all over it!


Multiple advertising effects and complete hand hygiene

An interesting, unique combination of wet wipes and gloves that gives you the opportunity to print your graphics on up to 12 surfaces – because at Capira we give our customers the entire surface of the gadgets! In this case your advertising message will be perfectly visible when the box is closed, but also when it is opened. This extra surface allows for imaginative, original development.


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