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Tissues and gloves in a piramid

Category: Personal Care

Product description

Impressive set of tissues and gloves in a box with back and individual print

Tissues and protective gloves are useful in every doctor’s surgery, cosmetician’s surgery, clinic or hairdressing salon – so it is hard to overestimate the usefulness of this gadget. When you choose the CPC-1010, you receive a sturdy cardboard box in the shape of a flattened pyramid with a back containing 50 wipes and 20 disposable gloves made of nitrile, vinyl or latex.

Even greater advertising potential

The unique feature of this extremely useful gadget is the stable cardboard back – it works like a stand, exposing your business marketing message from two directions. The box of tissues and gloves, like most gadgets produced in our company, can be completely covered with individual graphics, thus creating an aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching and, in addition, unique product.


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