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Eco notebook with space for pen

Category: Paper goods

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Product description

Eco notebook with space for pen

Convenient ecological promotional notebook available in two sizes,  made entirely of cardboard and recycled paper. The eco notebook comprises  100 glued pages and a cleverly designed inner pen holder. The cards are detachable from the top.

Eco notebook with pen holder and your company logo

The eco notebook with pen holder is fully personalisable! Each of our products is designed so that you can put any graphics, your company logo or any other graphic solution on it – depending on your needs.

Notebook with pen holder – go green and rely on us!

Our eco notebook with pen holder does not contain any plastic elements and is therefore fully biodegradable. And if you don’t have an idea for a graphic design or don’t have any artistic skills, we can advise you how to design it. All this so that your customer receives an ecological, imaginative and practical promotional gadget that will not let them forget about you.


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