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Cube-shaped desk set

Category: Paper goods

Product description

Hardcover desk set with flap

A sturdily crafted cube-shaped desk toolbox that contains 500 rectangular note cards in 82 x 92 mm format, 50 sticky notes and 100 index cards. The hard cardboard ensures a durable product that can be refilled with new cards, and the lid protects it from splashes but also cleverly hides the self-adhesive note pad and markers. The cube has a convenient cut-out for removing the cards.

Present your company on 5 clearly visible levels!

This proven set is useful in any office and gives you the opportunity to present your company’s marketing message in an interesting way. The different planes ensure good visibility and the possibility to print the entire surface allows you to create an aesthetic, eye-catching gadget that fits exactly to the style of your brand.

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