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Personalized Promotional Gadgets available “off the shelf”

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We are excited to share with you brand new opportunities that have emerged in our company.

Listening to your suggestions given during the trade shows, as well as considering the high interest in our flagship products, we have decided to prepare a stock of them.

We are thrilled to share fantastic news with you – our patented products Capira, smart cube and triangle set are now available “off the shelf”.

Listening to your suggestions given during the trade shows, as well as considering the high interest in our bestsellers, we are making a batch of these products available immediately from our warehouse.

Most importantly – we offer these products at incredibly attractive prices! It would be a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity 😉

You have a choice of two most popular variants – eco paper (brown) and an elegant, glossy black model.

And what about customization?

Nothing simpler…

The products available “off the shelf” are suitable for pad printing, screen printing, and digital printing. They can also be personalized using stickers.

Discover our products

available “off the shelf.”

Smart Cube ECO CPO-108

An exceptionally innovative solution combining a pen holder, paperclip container, business card holder, space for sticky notes, phone stand, and colorful markers – all fitting into a compact cube with a side length of 105 mm when folded! Patented product.


Smart Cube BLACK CPO-010 Black

This is the most comprehensive model of our bestseller, combining all the features we love about the Smart Cube, additionally enriched with a set of self-adhesive index tabs. Impeccably designed, the surprising construction instantly transforms from a compact cube into a multi-functional desk organizer with space for a phone.


Triangle Set ECO CPO-014 ECO

The eco-friendly office organizer in the form of a triangular prism is an original promotional gadget that doubles as a pen holder and a stand for self-adhesive notes and plastic markers.


Triangle Set BLACK CPO-014 Black

The compact organizer CPO-109 is prepared with a glossy black foil version. It is available without prints, with the option to mark it with a logo and slogan, or simple graphics in selected areas.


Antibacterial gel CPC-029

Antibacterial gel, 50 ml, available “off the shelf” with the option of full customization with a adhesive label.


Antibacterial gel CPC-030

50 ml antibacterial gel, available “off the shelf” with the option for full customization using an adhesive label.


Be sure to ask about UMA brand pens, as we have selected models available in our warehouse.

The quantity of available products is limited, so it’s first come, first served!


Since the products are not personalized, we suggest purchasing a larger quantity and personalizing smaller batches on your own! Another value-added to this offer 😉

The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces.

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