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Spiral notebook with a set of notebooks and indexes  

Category: Notepads with indexes

Product description

Promoting A4 notebook with indexes on a spiral

An interesting and cleverly designed notebook in hardcover, which in its total A4 size encloses original, rarely found square note cards 205 x 205 mm, self-adhesive notebook and 100 colourful indexes. The hard cover ensures the stability of the gadget when carried and protects the pages. You can also choose the option with a pencil eraser and a closure band.

Varied, large advertising area

Choose a gadget that gives you plenty of space for fully personalised, original company graphics. In the case of the extraordinary CPO-425 notebook, you can reach your customers on three different surfaces – the main cover, the inside cover, and the pages – each of which will feature your logo or a different print related to your brand. That’s a lot, especially when compared to standard advertising gadgets, where you can usually place your graphics in one, maximum two places.

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