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Paper clips in a set with a notebook

Category: Paper clips sets

Product description

Promoting case for paper clips and notebooks

An interesting, original solution, which is a magnetic case for self-adhesive notes and paper clips, will become one of your customers’ favourite office “appendages”. The 155 x 85 mm hardcover case contains a magnet, 5-10 colour-matched paper clips and self-adhesive sticky notes in an individual shape.

One hundred per cent personalisation

Did you know that at Capira we give you the opportunity to prepare a completely individual design, so that your gadgets are one of a kind? That’s what the CPO-606 Notebook and Paperclip holder does. You can present your marketing message on two covers, an inner cover and a self-adhesive notebook. What’s more, you can give it any shape you want – one that fits your brand’s visual communication.


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