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Hardcover desk set with notecards, post-it and indexes

Category: Desk sets

Product description

Advertising office set with indexes and space for pens

A convenient and useful gadget in the form of a stand for office accessories. Thanks to it, your desk will be tidy and all necessary things will always be at hand. Made of hardcover, the CPO-522 set includes a container with three compartments and a stand. The compartments contain a total of 300 sheets of paper in two sizes and space for many pens, while the stand holds a sticky note pad and 100 indexes.

Possibility of full personalisation of the gadget

Are you not satisfied with advertising gadgets where the only way to display your brand is with a logo? Very reasonably. At Capira we offer you to create a completely individual project – a unique gadget in which all available surfaces will be printed entirely with your graphics. This is also the case with the CPO-522 set – you get a durable, useful product on which your graphics play an overriding role.



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