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Wide desk calendar with notebooks and indexes

Category: Calendars

Product description

Large promoting calendar with a set of notebooks

A solidly made gadget that gives you access to essential office accessories all year round. It will keep your desk in perfect order! This hardcover set includes a 12-page calendar with dimensions of 235 x 110 mm, two self-adhesive notepads and 100 indexes – all ergonomically arranged on a pad and stand.

Multifaceted advertising for 365 days of the year

By choosing the CPO-713 desk calendar, you are giving your customers an extremely useful, elegant item and you are providing yourself with very good, increased brand exposure in an interesting form. As with most of Capira’s gadgets, you have control over the look of most surfaces here. You can put your graphics on both the calendar, the back of the stand and the two adhesive notebooks.



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