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Product description

The VR Pocket is a new version of the VR browser which allows you to explore virtual reality in a feeling of the highest comfort.

The new model guarantees the stability and safety of your smartphone. The nose pads provide an easy handling. The construction of VR Pocket is based solely on laminated cardboard  and high quality lenses with a possibility to adjust their space. The whole set is closed in a solid protective envelope. Take your customers to the virtual world!

The 21st century modern gadget

VR POCKET is a newer version of the VR viewer that allows you to discover the virtual world feeling the highest comfort. The new model of VR glasses guarantees the stability and safety of the smartphone, and the wings on the nose ensure comfort of use. The construction of the VR POCKET is based only on a laminated cardboard and the highest quality lenses with adjustment. The whole thing is closed in a solidly made envelope. Take your customers on a journey to the virtual world!



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