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Tri-Part Calendar

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Product description

Promoting calendar to hang on the wall

It’s hard to argue with the unique advantages of the three-part calendar for everyday office tasks. With this tried-and-tested solution, you have access to a calendar of three consecutive months, so you can check the progress of your work and quickly check the dates you need. Our three-part wall calendar measures 305 x 800 mm in its entirety and the top vignette covers 305 x 200 mm.

A highly visible message for your brand all year round

Few gadgets do their job as well as a wall calendar. Not only can it be seen from a distance, but we also often direct our eyes to it. It’s a good idea to take advantage of this when planning gifts for your customers. We can give our three-part calendar any graphic form that suits your brand style, so together we can create a unique, eye-catching promotional product.



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