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Tissues with gloves

Category: Medical sets

Product description

Pocket set with wipes and gloves

An ingenious folding set with dimensions of 60 x 50 x 125 mm containing 10 tissues and 10 disposable gloves in nitrile, latex or vinyl. Such a useful set will find its place on every desk, especially in a doctor’s or beauty salon, as well as in the car. The marketing message on its entire surface will make it stand out from other gadgets. This product will certainly prove useful as an advertising medium for the medical industry.


12 surfaces for your advertisement!

The greatest advantage of this gadget is its well-thought-out, compact design. When folded, the CPC-1001 forms an aesthetically pleasing cuboid, which will create a tidy impression on your desk or fit in your car door pocket. When unfolded, you have easy access to the tissues and gloves hidden inside. In both cases your graphics, logos and advertising slogans are highly visible. Remember, we can print them on all surfaces of the box!



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