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Sticking Plasters in an envelope

Category: Personal Care

Product description

Advertising plasters with your imprint

Although every office should have a first aid kit with the required equipment, there’s nothing like having your own set of bandage plasters – and it’s always worth having one on hand. Our plasters in an aesthetic cardboard envelope are therefore a product that everyone will find useful. The conveniently opening 40 x 90 mm pack contains four 60 x 20 mm plasters. You can choose from two different variants – either plain or printed.


Multi-faceted brand exposure on a daily basis

The advertising envelope with slices gives you the opportunity to create an extremely useful and at the same time unique advertising gadget. We will print your logo, advertising slogans or other graphic motifs on the entire surface of the envelope and, if you choose, also on the slices themselves. This will create a unique, visually appealing product that will effectively promote your brand.

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