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Stand in individual shape with post-it

Category: Desk sets

Product description

Promoting stand in personalised shape

Freedom is the ticket to creativity. That’s why many of our products give you the opportunity to suggest an individual shape for your gadget. This is also the case with the CPO-528 notebook stand. The cardboard stand contains a block of self-adhesive sheets of paper – real heroes of the office struggle. The size and shape of the sticky notes and the finish of the top of the stand are up to you.

One hundred per cent personalisation

Thanks to the total freedom of choice, together we can create a product that exactly matches the style and theme of your brand, that is unique and special. The entire surface of this gadget is open to your ideas – shapes, colours, size – it’s all up to you. The important thing is that we print the graphics on the entire surface of the gadget, which gives you the opportunity to present your brand in an extremely interesting and effective way.


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