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Spiral notebook with frosted plastic cover  

Category: Notepads with indexes

Product description

Advertising spiral notebook with indexes and inner pocket

Convenient, interesting A4 notebook with 80 Z-indices, spiral-bound pages, internal pocket for additional documents, optional pen compartment and elastic band. It’s a useful, practically designed solution, which collects the most necessary office accessories in one place.

Frosted cover – unique exposure of your brand

What makes the CPO-421 frosted cover stand out from other frosted gadgets is, on the one hand, its high usefulness and ergonomics, and on the other hand, the extremely attractive way to present your company graphics. The fully individual design can be placed on the A4 size cardboard cover, which is covered by an additional plastic binding – translucent and frosted. This solution results in a unique, elegant office gadget which is sure to please your customers’ eyes. Additional space for your advertising message is provided by A4 sheets inside and a pocket on the inside cover.


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