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Spiral bound notebooks and indexes in cardboard  

Category: Paper goods

Product description

Advertising spiral notebook with index and pencil eraser

A useful, proven gadget, indispensable in every office. Everything you need for taking notes and marking important information is at hand – 50 sheets of spiral-bound paper, 50 self-adhesive sticky notes, 100 colourful indexes and an eraser for a pen, all neatly concealed in a cardboard cover measuring 120 x 150 mm.

Your corporate design on three visible surfaces

What are the characteristics of a good promotional gadget? Quality, usefulness and of course full personalisation. This is exactly what the CPO-419 spiral-bound notebook does. You can place your advertising message in as many as three well exposed areas – on the main cover, the pages, and the self-adhesive sticky notes. This allows you to create a visually attractive and useful office gadget, which will remind customers of your brand in many situations.

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