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Spiral-bound calendar with notebooks and indexes

Category: Calendars

Product description

Large promoting set with calendar and notebooks

Superbly crafted, the striking 245 x 520 mm hardcover office calendar is sure not to go unnoticed. This generous set consists of two calendars, two self-adhesive notebooks and 100 indexes. On the larger calendar you can make small notes, on the smaller one you have an overview of the current and next month.

100 per cent personalisation for you and your brand

If you want to give your customers a gift that is useful but above all original and unique, you’ve come to the right place. Together we will prepare a gadget in which you can decide on the appearance of all available surfaces, including binding and self-adhesive notebooks. This will result in the presentation of your brand on large, varied surfaces that your customer will have access to all year round.



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