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Spiral-bound calendar with card set

Category: Paper goods

Product description

Promoting spiral-bound calendar with cards

This gadget, new to our portfolio, is available in two variants. The handy 115 x 85 mm and the more impressive 197 x 94 x 25 mm. The CPO-703 set has several undeniable advantages: very high quality workmanship and elegant design, an easy-to-use 12-page calendar in the form of a spiral stand and a card box with a functional cut-out.

Elegant design and 100 % personalisation

Our spiral-bound calendar with CPO-703 is not only extremely useful, but also visually attractive. An important advantage is that it can be used all year round, giving your customers permanent and long-lasting access to your marketing message. Hard binding, aesthetic appearance, a large advertising area (calendar, pages, box sides) and the possibility of printing the entire surface give you a unique opportunity to create a fully original and tailored to your expectations product.


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