Smart cube

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Product description

Oprawa twarda

105x105x105 mm (410 mm rozłożony)

Druk/ uszlachetnienie

CMYK + folia błysk/ mat

Pudełko na długopisy

65x95x45 mm, 9 miejsc

Miejsce na wizytówki

95×100 mm

Pudełko na akcesoria

65x95x45 mm


90×90 mm, 130 szt., offset 80 g/m2

Pakowanie jednostkowe


Min. zamówienie

100 szt.

An ingenious cube that turns into a multifunctional desk set

Smart Cube is more than just a regular organizer. Everything you need while working on a desk is now locked in an elegant form. Perfectly designed, surprising construction changes in just a blink of an eye from a compact cube into a multifunctional desk set of daily usage.

Smart cube is more than just a basic organizer

Everything you need on a desk now fits in one neat form. The flawlessly crafted, surprising design transforms from a compact cube into a multi-purpose desk organizer in no time.


The personalized Smart Cube consists of:

  • a pen stand
  • business card display
  • container for paper clips and accessories
  • handy notebook with an individual imprint.

Complete personalization on the whole surface: imprint 4/4 CMYK + 1/1 glossy/ matt foil.

Smart cube is a patented product by Capira company.

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