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Set in a hardcover box

Category: Desk sets

Product description

Promoting cube with office set

A perfect and useful tool to organise your office accessories and give a clean impression on your desk. Made of good quality hardcover, the cube features a note pad, sticky note pad, index and space for pens, pencils or markers. When handed over, the gadget looks exceptionally neat, and when unfolded, it provides plenty of space for office essentials. It can be used many times. Choosing the CPO-513 variant, you will receive an economical version in cardboard binding.

Many surfaces for company branding

The first impression is the most important thing, and this is exactly what the CPO-512 box office set provides. Before opening it, it is in the form of a hardcover cube, which can be completely covered with your company logo. This gives you the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind, individual design that will look beautiful when handed out. Once unfolded, the customer will receive a good quality, useful gadget that can serve them for many years, constantly reminding them of your brand.

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