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Self-adhesive sticky notes and indexes in hard cover  

Category: Notepads with indexes

Product description

Promoting self-adhesive notebook with indexes

An interestingly designed, small self-adhesive notebook to help you take quick notes, leave short messages and mark up passages of text. It measures 110 x 80 mm and contains a total of 75 self-adhesive pages in two sizes and 100 colour-coded indexes. The hard cover ensures comfortable use and protects the sheets of paper inside.

Fully personalised artwork

The special feature of this notebook is its unusual way of opening. The cover is divided into two parts, which fold out sideways like a window. The wings contain smaller sheets of paper and indexes, while the inside contains the largest sheets of paper. This solution gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to graphic design of the cover – we can work together to create interesting graphics that will present your company in an original way. You can also put your logo and other marketing information on the inner card blocks.

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