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Self-adhesive notebook with indexes

Category: Notepads with indexes

Product description

A top-of-the-line  one among mini sticky notes

Nobody needs reminding how useful and even indispensable an office gadget a sticky note pad is. Our CPO-404 sticky note pads are extremely useful because they contain both a l larger note pad and 100 paper tags with adhesive.

With a handy size of 103 x 75 mm, the sticky note pads can fit on any desk or in any briefcase.

Adhesive promotional sticky notes in a cover

Do you want a popular, tried and tested advertising gadget on which you can place a rich marketing message? This small sticky note pad does the job. You can choose between two separate, well exposed surfaces which can be covered with personalised graphics. The cover allows you to place larger designs, while the cards inside can be printed with more discreet graphics or text. This solution will allow you to reach your customer with a lot of information.


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