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Refreshing and hygienic tissues in a rectangular box

Category: Hygenic tissues

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Product description

Company’s set with sanitary and moistened tissues

It is hard to overestimate the practical value of wipes, especially when you get a two-in-one product like the CPC-735 gadget. This cardboard box measures 150 x 150 x 25 mm and holds 30 wet tissues and 15 moistened ones, soaked in a choice of refreshing, antibacterial, intimate hygiene or make-up remover. Highly visible surface for your advertising.

Useful desk stand with set of wet and dry tissues

With its highly visible top surface, the CPC-735 provides you with a very effective way of displaying your company logo, graphics and slogans. An additional and rarely encountered in the market of advertising gadgets advantage is the fact that your graphic design can be placed on the entire surface of the packaging. This will make you offer your customers a gadget that is fully personalised and one of a kind.

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