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Refreshing and hygienic tissues in a rectangular box

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Product description

Company set of wet wipes and hygienic tissues

A double set of tissues is an advertising gadget which will be useful on every desk, as well as in a doctor’s or cosmetician’s office. Our product CPC-736 contains 40 wet tissues and 20 wet tissues hidden in a large, aesthetic cardboard box with dimensions of 245 x 105 x 35 mm. You can decide on the type of soaking yourself and you can choose from: refreshing, antibacterial, make-up remover and intimate hygiene.

Large advertising space at your disposal

In the advertising gadgets we produce, we are guided by one principle – to create the best and most versatile personalised products possible. In the case of the CPC-736 boxed set of tissues, this means that we can cover literally the entire surface of the box with your graphics. This solution provides you with diverse, interesting and effective brand exposure, and on top of that you are offering your customers a one-of-a-kind and completely original product.

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