Promo case

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Product description


7,5 x 11,5 x 11,5 cm

Oprawa twarda

270 mm

Pudełko na długopisy

2 przegrody, 75 x 115 x 115 mm


90 x 90 mm, 150 szt.

Znaczniki plastikowe

12 x 45 mm, 5 x 20 znaczników

Compact and practical desk set Promo Case helps you to organize your desktop

It includes everything that is useful in everyday usage – notebook, indexes, calendar and a comfortable stand. The smart hiding place for knick-knacks helps to keep small accessories or allows to hide what we rarely use. The large imprint surface provides you with a wide range possibilities of showing your brand in an extraordinary way. Promo Case is patented product by Capira company.

PROMO CASE is a solution for demanding desks

It is distinguished by a refined design that combines many functions useful in everyday work and organization. Its unquestionable advantage is the possibility of an attractive presentation of marketing content, and thus strengthening the brand and emphasizing it in the eyes of recipients. Multi-functional, neat, complete, and fully personalized with a print on the entire surface.

The PROMO CASE toolbox is a master of organization that includes wide combination of accessories:

  • Stand for pens and accessories with compartments
  • Notebook with a company imprint on the sheets
  • Adhesive markers set
  • 12-page calendar with a company imprint
  • A hiding place for trinkets
  • Smartphone holder

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