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Product description

Oprawa twarda

150×163 mm

Miejsce na długopis

1 szt.


100×153 mm, 60 szt., offset 80 g/m2

Silikonowe nóżki

4 szt., zapobiegają ślizganiu

Pakowanie jednostkowe

pudełko z brązowej mikrofali bez nadruku

Indywidualny kształt

element trzymający kartki – dowolny kształt

Min. zamówienie

100 szt.

A personalized notepad with a card holder in the shape of your choice

Pad4pen shows what is the most important. This unique display is an excellent way to present Your logo or a characteristic graphic design. The personalized notebook with a sheets holder in a shape you chose is a subtle form of advertising. It meets the expectations of the users  and therefore it will be noticed in just a blink of an eye. Approach your clients individually and surprise them with something extraordinary.

Pad4Pen consists of:

  • 60 pages notebook with an individual imprint
  • Personalized holder for the notebook in an individual shape
  • cut-out for a pen or USB drive
  • silicone pads beneath
  • single carton packaging

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