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Notes and indexes in hard cover  

Category: Paper goods

Product description

Advertising notebooks with indexes in hardcover

An interestingly designed three-volume hardcover notebook with 50 pages, two self-adhesive notepads and 100 indexes, ingeniously arranged on the two wings of the cover and the centre panel. This time-tested advertising gadget will undoubtedly become a very useful everyday companion for every office worker.

As many as 6 separate areas for your personalised graphic!

Seemingly small, but it can hold so much! You can place your personalised graphics, logos or advertising slogans on the uniquely designed double cover, the inside cover and the three card indexes. This gives you plenty of space to print your marketing message in a visually appealing and eye-catching graphic form. The varied surface allows you to create a gadget fully personalised and tailored to your needs and expectations.


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