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Notebooks and indexes on hardcover pad

Category: Notepads with indexes

Product description

Promoting self-adhesive notebook with indexes on a pad

A handy, convenient advertising gadget in the form of two pads with pages and 100 indexes arranged aesthetically on a hardcover pad. Such a notebook is useful in every office and every industry, where it is necessary to take notes and mark the necessary information – thanks to the CPO-414 product, you always have everything you need at hand.

One hundred percent personalised

This notebook, like all Capira products, allows you to create a completely original and unique gadget – your company print can be placed both on the rigid back of the base and on the pages. This creates a differentiated, large and visible at first glance advertising surface, on which you can place graphics related to your brand. This will give you a gadget that is not only useful and convenient to use, but also attractively and effectively branded.

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