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Mini refreshing wipes printed on foil

Category: Personal Care

Product description

Advertising refreshing wipes

Times force us to care more about hand hygiene, so refreshing wet wipes are one of the basic items we usually have with us today. Anyway, CPC-725 product is not only refreshing and washing light dirt – you can also choose antibacterial gel, make-up remover or intimate hygiene product as a soak. The pack contains 10 wipes with a dove, cool water or fruity fragrance.

Everyday contact with your brand!

Would you like to give your customers something they can experience practically every day, not just once? You’ve come to the right place – moistened or impregnated pocket wipes are just such a gadget! In the CPC-725 version, the entire foil package can be printed with your own graphics, which can also be sealed with a sticker. What do you get? A fully personalised, visually appealing product which will intensively display your marketing message.

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