Large refreshing wipes

Category: Personal Care

Product description

Large refreshing wet wipes with company print

It is hard to overestimate the usefulness of wet tissues – it is always worth having them at hand, in your handbag, in a drawer or on your desk. Deciding on the CPC-728 product, you receive a large set of 20 or 25 tissues soaked in a refreshing, antibacterial, make-up removing or intimate hygiene preparation. Fragrances to choose from include cool water, fruit and dove.

A useful gadget with your company name printed on the label

At Capira, we make sure that our products not only have value in terms of use and aesthetics, but also work well as a marketing gadget, i.e. arouse good emotions, exposing the visual identity of the brand. The CPC-728 large refreshing tissues offer this possibility on the closing flap of the packaging – we put the entire surface of the flap at your disposal.


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