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Large refreshing wet wipes printed on foil

Category: Personal Care

Product description

Promotional wet wipes with your company logo printed all over the packaging

Refreshing tissues will make you feel comfortable in any situation where you have difficulty accessing running water. They will be perfect at work, in the car, at the beach, on a journey or on a walk. The CPC-729 product is 20 or 25 large tissues soaked in a choice of refreshing, antibacterial, make-up removing or intimate hygiene liquids. You can choose a fruity, cool water or dove type fragrance.


Refreshing or maybe antibacterial wipes with graphics on your request?

Want to give your customers a unique, original and one-of-a-kind gadget? Choose large refreshing wipes in completely personalised packaging. You gain access to the entire foil surface and the closing sticker, on which we will print any graphic design related to your company. It’s a unique solution on the market that will give you very good brand exposure on a useful, frequently used gadget.

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