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Product description

Unusual advertising gadget with lots of space for advertising

Do you like original solutions? The desk set in the shape of a house answers your needs! This gadget offers the possibility of complete personalisation and a very wide scope for imagination. Your graphics and advertising message can be placed on the entire surface, including the inner pages. This is a great opportunity to present your brand in an interesting way. Let’s create together a gadget that will not only be useful, but will also delight your customers with its ingenuity and aesthetics, providing you with an excellent display of your logo and advertising slogans.

Advertising desk set in the shape of a cottage

The house itself is made of sturdy cardboard, which can be finished in any way you like. The cards hidden under the roof are 80 x 60 mm in size – the perfect size for quick notes. Thanks to its careful craftsmanship, the cottage can be refilled with new cards, ensuring the gadget will last – even when your cards run out, the house will still be on your client’s desk!

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