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Promoting desk set with note cards and indexes

This inconspicuous but proven and extremely useful in many office situations set contains 150 note cards, 50 sticky notes and 100 coloured indexes. The hardcover box has a lid that keeps your desk neat and tidy on one side and protects the pages from dirt on the other. The box can be reused, so it will stay on your customer’s desk for longer – after the cards are refilled, it will still present your brand’s visual identity.

Spatial promoting for your company

The CPO-500 desk set, like all Capira gadgets, is fully personalisable. This means that your logo, graphics and advertising slogans can be applied to all surfaces of the gadget, including the cards inside. It is important that we can print them in their entirety, unlike other companies where it is only possible to add a logo in one place. This way, together we can create an out-of-the-ordinary design that will last a long time with your customers, reminding them of your brand.


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