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Hardcover desk set with post-it, notecards and indexes

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Product description

Promoting office set with notecards, post-it and space for pens

A very rich, therefore extremely useful set in the form of a container with a stand, which holds many accessories necessary in the office – two sizes of note cards, 300 in total, a block of sticky notes, 100 indexes and a separate compartment for pens. With this desk accessory, your desk will always be tidy!

A solid gadget with great advertising potential

The CPO-521 office set – like all gadgets produced by Capira – is fully customisable. This means that each available surface can be fully printed with your advertising messages in the form of attractive graphics. In the case of this gadget you have four sides of the container, a well exposed adhesive note pad and cards. The sturdy workmanship ensures an extended service life, so that the recipient will be able to enjoy this gift even for years.

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