Hardbound card block

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Product description

Promotional hardcover note pad

Note pads are an indispensable office gadget that we use a dozen or more times a day. That’s why it’s a good idea for your customers to always have your company’s printed pad at hand. By choosing the CPO-802 hardcover notebook, you are opting for a proven solution with increased durability. You can choose between two thicknesses of pads: 50 and 100 sheets, the size is determined only by your preferences.

Gadget with one hundred per cent personalisation

Most producers of advertising gadgets on the market give you the possibility to place the company logo in one place and that’s the end of the adventure with product personalisation. With us it is different – in the case of the CPO-803 block, as with other gadgets, it is you who decides how it will look like. You can choose the colour of the sheets, the size and thickness, as well as have graphics printed that will cover the entire hardcover of the gadget, thus receiving a one-of-a-kind product.


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