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Gloves in a rectangle-shaped box

Category: Medical gloves

Product description

Disposable gloves with company print on box

A classic advertising gadget, extremely useful in every household, doctor’s surgery, hair salon and cleaning companies. Choose from three sizes of aesthetically pleasing textured boxes containing 25, 50 or one hundred disposable gloves made from latex, nitrile or vinyl.

Multi-faceted exposure for your brand

Do you want to give your customers a gadget that is extremely useful on the one hand and has great advertising potential on the other? Gloves in a box are the perfect choice. By choosing them, you will ensure a distinctive marketing effect. Company graphics, logos, corporate slogans can be printed on all sides of the box – this is a unique option on the Polish gadgets market, so it is worth taking advantage of it and prepare a fully unique product, characteristic only for your brand.

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